on 18 January, 2017

Automobile Engineering - Course Description & Scope

  • Automobile engineering or automative engineering is the field of engineering which deals with the study as how to design, manufacture and operate automobiles like buses, trucks, cars etc. and also their respective engineering subsystems. This can also be a grouped under vehicle engineering.
  • An automobile engineer's main duty is to design, test and develop vehicles and/or components from concept stage through to production stage. The vehicle after being launched in the market also needs improvement. Then it comes to the duty of the automobile engineer to improve the vehicle in response to customer's feedback.

Job Prospects:

  • Don’t think you’re going to be working at Rolls Royce just because you’re an automobile engineer. Although a few sincere (and lucky) students at some good colleges do manage to get placed at Tata Motors and the like, most automobile engineers normally end up in IT jobs.

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