on 29 June, 2015

CampusSid 2015 kicks off

CampusSid is stupidsid's year long campus ambassador cum student internship program. At the onset of CampusSid 2015, three of the selected candidates share their thoughts with us.

New beginings

13th June 2015, the day of my life's first official interview for selection of Campussids by, the very website which played an important role in helping me in the admission process exactly 2 years back. But the odds were certainly not in my favour! Having just finished the worst exams of my small engg life just a day prior I reached Stupidsid office.

At perfect 12, eleven fellow aspiring Campussids along with me were divided into two equal groups for a GD. The truth is the sound of 'Group Discussion' did scare me, after all I had never been a part of a real GD with unknown speakers and judges! "It's an experience" is what I told myself and spoke. I think I fared well as 10 minutes later I was called for a personal interview.

That's when I realized that I hadn't carried a copy of my CV. Such a lame mistake! But thankfully my interviewers were considerate and not brutal like the externals who take our Viva.

Next was the big impatient wait till you get the confirmation call! I personally hated that period of 2 days which ended with an email stating that I was selected as a Campussid and that feeling of accomplishment is unforgettable!

The gist: This programme has already been a great learning experience to me and I can't wait till it kicks off full-fledged!

~Tanvi Khaire, Watumull CoE


The Best Internship Interview ever


“Is this the StupidSid office?” I asked timidly when the door opened, yet I already knew the answer.

Everyone beyond the door sat in a clean, formal attire. There were around six, maybe seven, of them. Some sat nervously, tapping their foot on the floor in impatience; others were checking their resumes every five minutes, searching for mistakes or errors. One was fidgeting with his bags, removing his files and folders and checking and rechecking, whilst wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead.

You could truly sense the tension in the air.

However a small group of friends sat in one part of the StupidSid Office, chatting merrily as if nothing else mattered. I purposefully didn’t listen in as I, too, was nervous while I took my place on one of the empty seats. In just a moment, I too started to tap my foot on the floor, I too started to fidget with my resume. Just like that, I too became a nervous, scared applicant for the StupidSid Campus Ambassador Program. READ MORE

~Kunal Nayak, XIE



Giving it back to the community

It all started when the adverts for the interview came up, somewhere in mid exams. Getting a chance to give back StupidSid, a community which has been helping me and all alike right from choosing college to blue prints to question papers was such a joy. I applied for it right away.
Exams passed and stupidsid helped as always with previous year's solved papers and the next thing I remember was getting a call about the interview.

Days passed and it was finally the time for interview. Been called to stupidsid office itself was a great pleasure. Unfortunately it took me a while to find out the exact location of the office.

Going up, the gd had already been started and I was asked to wait outside for the interview to start. When my time came, Sukanya ma'am and Sharanya ma'am asked me about myself and some obvious questions. What really suprised me was how they broke up the awkward moment into a new friendship. I don't remember anyone being tensed about the interviews rather everyone had a big smile on their face while leaving.

Few days went by and I was informed that I was selected. It was a great moment of pride. Not about getting selected but about giving back the help stupidsid has always given to us.

Right now I, along with all other campus sids are feeling like kids before the start of their school. We have no idea about what is in store, but are damn intrested to work for it.

With much glee and excitement we look forward to serve and take this community to altogether new heights.

Cheers ?
Tanvi Samel, Atharva CoE

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