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on 04 June, 2013

How to change your College/Stream after First Year Engineering

Many students have been asking us if they could change their college/stream after First Year Engineering, here are the possibilities to do so.

Now-a-days many students, and their parents, who are looking for degree courses in engineering often come up with the same query (even before the candidate has begun studying engineering). But for some the confusion arises while they are pursuing their first year studies. Since there is no standard procedure for the 'change', we thought of jotting down some options which have worked in the past.

1. Switching a Stream in the Same College:
There are two requirements and one should meet both so as to stand a chance of getting your wish granted. Firstly, there should be a vacancy in the stream you want to switch to and you need to have scored good marks because the college administration is not up for all the extra work behind you (or even entertain you) just because you fancy to change your stream. Being a topper might just help here (The admin staff seems to perceive a bright HALO over students with good marks; more the marks brighter the HALO). 

2. Change of College (preferably in the same stream):

Well, this one is certainly less probable to happen but there is no harm in trying, right? You must have by now realised the importance of marks to be heard, so being the topper will obviously be important. Coming to the numbers; since the college has a fixed number of students to intake, and after the first year, even the nerds from Diploma join in. So after all that drama and some students who brilliantly manage to drop-out after the first year creating some more room for you, you might have a chance to sneak into that seat. 

But possible hurdles here 'could' be that your existing college may not want to let you go (remember you are a BRIGHT student who has scored 'good' marks) also because your empty seat may not get filled by someone else, which means a financial loss for them too. So they may want to hold you back, make sure you convince them for issuing the Leaving Certificate (LC), without much hassles.
Ideally, no college should stop you but again it's totally upto the college and we can never predict what they do. Your best bet would be to speak to the registrar of your college administration. Also, since First Year subjects are common to all the branches of Engineering, academically it would not affect your studies anyway.
Note: You could also try to apply to a college along with the Direct Second Year Admission Diploma students based on your First Year aggregate, where generally they would have better score than you, but you're up for trying, so don't stop. Good Luck.
You can follow us on twitter @stupidsid for more on Engineering Admissions. Also let us know if you're one of the lucky people who have succesfully changed their branch/college, we can include your story here.
*This article should only act as a guide and not as a prescribed procedure for changing college or stream.
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