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on 27 January, 2013

Internship - Need of the Hour

A recent survey conducted on stupidsid says that 95% of the students are in the favour of involving internship as a part of the curriculum while a mere 5% of the audience disapproved the concept.

Of these 95%, 65% wanted to replace 'unnecessary subjects' with internship and the remaining 30% were ready to burden themselves with the current syllabus. "There are subjects like Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry (might be helpful for the Chemical Engineer), Environmental Studies (EVS) which have never been a vital factor in any discipline within engineering. Despite this, these subjects have been in the syllabus for over two decades. If these subjects are replaced with somewhat a compulsory internship, it will be very useful to various students looking for higher education and jobs", says Karan, a second year engineering student.

Higher academic record is every students dream as it helps them acquire a good seat in top schools across the world. So, if internships are implemented within the syllabus and at a wider scale, everyone will tend to be serious and score some good marks. "I went through a lot of Student Profiles for my Masters application in the USA. What I could decipher is students who had some relevant internships made it to excellent universities. Moreover, they could draft a stronger Statement of Purpose along with Recommendations. Since I could not find any such opportunities, a mandatory internship in the syllabus will definitely be worth for any student", quotes Aditya a final year student and an Masters aspirant.

Various degree and professional courses like Architecture, Pharmacy, Chartered Accountant (CA), etc. allow students to explore the industry world while pursuing the course. CA has three levels of the entire exam and after the second level, students have to pursue Articleship which exposes them to the work nature they'll be doing after completing the course. Architecture course involves a lot of practicality and their syllabus is fantastically crafted. Engineering is one of the courses where a lot of technical concepts are involved. Students have to learn every possible aspect of their curriculum to be a mastero. But such courses cannot be understood with theory concepts. Laboratory sessions for the same should be applicable and internships are the ideal way. Small time experience in financial, technical, marketing, software development, graphics, etc. sectors will prove wonders to many higher education aspirants particularly MBA and MSSo, a similar structure should be applicable for the most sought after course - Engineering.

With the increasing competition and tough job prospects, having an experience in your dream field at the undergrad level will always prove an upper hand. Hope the engineering syllabus becomes much more sensible and productive to thousands of students across the country. 

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