Siddhaarth Bhandari
on 13 March, 2012

Paperleaks - Get Used To It!! - Mumbai University folks just never seem to disappoint!

The folks at Mumbai University just never seem to disappoint. If ever you feel your life is too bland, and you need a bit of drama to spice it up, you can count on MU to provide the fireworks.

Once more, the whole paper-leaking fiasco has given us something to talk about. Forgive Stupidsid's statistical ineptitude, but we've lost count of the number of times something like this has happened over the past few years. What we have noticed, though, is that these incidents seem to increase year on year, as if the guys at the University were just competing with themselves. What kicks they get from it, we'll never know, but what this means for students, is a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety.

It’s quite a sorry state of affairs. As things stand, even once you’ve completed your paper and submitted your answer sheet, you can’t ever be sure that you’re done with the subject. Of course, being 100% sure has never been the case, what with the highly erratic and unpredictable paper checking, but this is just ridiculous. As if the terribly obsolete syllabus and the pitiful quality of education weren’t enough, students now have to contend with another hurdle – corruption. Because that’s exactly what this is.

The Few Good Men at the University who were sweet enough to leak the papers haven’t done anything out of the ordinary; this is something that has been going on for years now, it’s just the frequency of the paper-leaks being caught that has increased. And since there’s no end to human greed, we can only expect these occurrences to happen more often. ‘Why?’, you ask. Because there’s only one loser in this whole bargain, and it’s not the University (whose reputation is tarnished enough anyway), it’s the average student, who has to go through the motions all over again, in the oft-false hope that things will improve. And we’re not even taking the cancelled vacations into account yet.

Is it just us or is the current scenario a bit too convenient for the University? All they have to do after publicly exhibiting their greed/flaws is find a new date for the exam, ‘set’ a paper, then sit back and watch as harassed students re-prepare for and retake it. That’s it. No questions are asked, no action is taken. If you were at an influential post at MU, wouldn’t you do the same thing, knowing that it’s SO easy to get away with it? Whisper it, but the answer is ‘anyone will!’

Which brings us to the obvious question, “what now?” Well, things have to change, sooner rather than later, before MU becomes an even bigger mockery than it currently is. The buck needs to stop at the University itself. Mumbai University needs to pay for such lapses in morals, not the students. The officials need to own up, accept they made a mistake, and move on. Thousands of students shouldn’t be paying for the moral shortcomings of a few officials.

In an ideal world, everyone would be cleared in the particular papers, and life would go on as normal. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t an ideal world and Mumbai University is quite certainly not an ideal university. Welcome to MU guys. Best of luck!

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Siddhaarth Bhandari

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