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The Indian Logo Quiz!

Based on the previous post, where I told that there are actually very few people who know what engineers do, because majority of them believe we just fix things. Well, I wanted to prove them wrong because there are many more things we do, too.

So two years of engineering over and we enter the third year. Anything substantial done in two years? Umm... Nope. Wasted them learning mindless stuff and cramming away fat books, just Mumbai University questions of course!

Every other person has an android phone these days, and whether you have time or you don’t, you always play games on your phone. And learning something new, challenging your brain to think harder is an added benefit of playing *some* games. The Logo Quiz is a very famous game, simple yet very addictive. The goal of the game, very simple, you see a logo of some company, guess the logo and yeah, you understood how to play it!

There are close to 200 logo quizzes in the Google play store, so developing that again, naaah, it’s a waste. 

Screenshot of the Indian Logo Quiz app.
Screenshot of the Indian Logo Quiz app.

So, one day it struck me, why not a logo quiz representing brands of our own country? Brands whose advertisements we see every day, be it on the TV, BEST buses, railway stations. But, nowadays, everything you think of already exist, and so did a logo quiz specially made for India. But the app didn’t look great, had a few errors too. And this gives birth to the Indian Logo Quiz. Now you have the idea, but developing an Android application is no easy task.

Enter Akshat Shah, a really intelligent person and, of course, co-developer of this application. I convey this idea and he is ready to be a part. And hence starts the toughest part - developing the app. It took almost a month to get the app ready, and not just ready, perfectly ready, with no mistakes and no errors.

The one month that we took wasn’t an easy one, endless hours on the computer, and lots of calls, stay overs, plenty of debugging, testing, editing, designing and trouble. Few arguments, fights and quarrels as well. Then sending it to good friends for the feedback and feeling great after receiving and awesome feedback. Testing it on various devices, big screens, small screens and tablets. Feeling even greater when it works and looks great from the cheapest of phones to the most expensive tablets. Then playing the whole game couple of times to check for any small errors.

And yes, finally it was done! Well, I never got a chance to thank Akshat, so yeah, thank you very much! It’s been an awesome experience.

Then comes the next stage, uploading the app on the Google Play Store. For those who don’t know, uploading an app isn’t free. A developer needs to pay a one-time fee of $25 to upload their applications. After the payment is processed, they can upload their apps. Nope, the app still doesn’t hit the stores, it takes few hours for Google to verify the app for offensive or abusive content. Then, finally the App hits the play store!  Our joy knew no bounds. We were extremely elated to know, that yes, there is an app on the Google Play Store that is developed by ‘us’.

Then starts the publicity, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+, friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, relatives and their friends. We told about this application, from the best of friends to people whom we hadn’t talked since years.

Few bugs were reported for some devices, we fixed them in an update too. The number of downloads are increasing day by day, the ratings we are receiving are awesome too. We plan to keep updating the app, add more levels and introduce hints. That will happen soon too.

For now our app stands at 2097 downloads in 20 days and an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. Download. Rate. Have Fun (That’s the line I used while promoting the app!).

So yeah, this was our first Android application, and it was not ‘Hello World’, it was the Indian Logo Quiz! And yes, it feels great to be called a ‘developer’.

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