Chetas Das
on 13 July, 2013

There goes the Indian..

India is a land of 1.241 billion people. There have to be at least a few thousand brilliant minds in the country. Some end up at IITs or BITS and few others wither away into realms of poverty due to the lack of decent educational facilities. And then, there are 'regular' engineers who graduate from other University colleges. Everyone wants a nice, comfortable life with secure future. This quest for opulence often drives today's youth to apply for MS and MBA programs outside the motherland. Getting there is the hard part; but once you're there, you're in for the long run.

Indian minds are crafted to perform technical tasks par excellence. Us Indians, are usually willing to finish an honest day's work and go home only after. Chinese people also have a lot to offer to the western culture. Their extreme dedication and innate ability to solve the most complex of problems is highly sought after in developed markets like those in the United States of America. Uncle Sam has fat pay packages in store for fresh MS grads.

The human being is a selfish animal. He will often think and do whats best for him. From what I hear, Indian students become more and more patriotic during their stay abroad. But somehow, the average desi lacks allegiance to his own country's economy.

India has been known to produce cheap and effective labour from a long time. Ambitious construction companies and enterprising economies often recruit middle class Indian workers and labourers at various sites for a salary much higher than what such a worker would earn if he did a day job here in India. Every middle class Indian strives and aims to feed his family 3 square meals a day. In trying to do so, he ends up choosing a stable job over a measly government job, even if the former requires him to be away from home. Dubai has outdone the likes of major metropolitan cities like New York, thanks to its excellent roadways and skyscrapers which are within touching distance of the heavens.

The smartest of IITians find and establish their careers in foreign markets and the above average graduate works for such people. Such is the dull chain of dependency prevalent in modern times. Efforts have to be made to make jobs (both government and private ones) more attractive, to contribute to India's stagnant economy. Toppers should be encouraged to take up domestic projects instead of having to recruit expensive foreign experts.

Most of us crib about how horrible the journey to the college/office was; thanks to the potholes or how the rupee is getting absolutely pulverized against the dollar. The fact is, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Some of us as I type, will be applying for jobs ranging from voice support to embarking on large scale projects, the benefits of which are of course reaped by the American consumer and the American economy.

It is very easy to lose hope in our country and to set our aspirations low, but amidst all this competition, a need for localizing intelligence and expertise should be felt and recognized.

"Be the change, you want to see" -M.K Gandhi

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Chetas Das

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