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Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad | Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University

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Courses offered at LDCE

  • BE in Computer Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Mechanical Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Civil Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Electrical Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Chemical Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Master Of Computer Applications Avg. cutoff: NA
  • B.E. in Automobile Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Textile Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Textile Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Computer Science Avg. cutoff: NA
  • M.Tech in Information Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Mechanical Engineering (Computer-Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Biomedical Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Civil Engg(Water Resources And Environmental Engineering) Avg. cutoff: NA
  • B.Tech in Information Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • M.Tech in Transportation Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Rubber Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Communication Systems Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Environmental Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Environmental Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Instrumentation and Control Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Plastics Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Cryogenic Engineering Avg. cutoff: NA
  • BE in Rubber Technology Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Applied Instrumentation Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Automation and Control Power Station Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Computer Aided Process Design Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Computer Aided Structure Analysis and Design Avg. cutoff: NA
  • ME in Internal Combustion Engines and Automobile Avg. cutoff: NA

Location, address and contact

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering, (LDCE),
No.120, Circular Road,University Area, Opp Gujarat University Navrangpura, Ahmedabad,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Phone: 7926302887
Email: [email protected]

Top Faculty Reviews ALL Faculty REVIEWS

Shaunak Bararia
on Aug 7, 2016

While most teachers at LD College of Engineering are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, not all can be said to be good teachers. Some lack dedication, some are poor in communication while some are just weird. So in order to learn, a student has to be regular in attending lectures. The scenario is similar for all branches i.e. only a few teachers will be worth it and others will be just whatever. There is also a false impression outside that teachers in LD don’t teach, which the case isn’t. All the lectures are conducted regularly but students attend only the good ones. Self-study is also very prominent here. There are some really talented teachers who have authored books and research papers. Overall students rate their faculty as 6/10 points.

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Top Infrastructure Reviews ALL Infrastructure REVIEWS

on Aug 6, 2016

LDCE has a lush & sprawling campus. It is spread over acres of land with separate buildings for each department and hostel, canteen, library, GTU, ACPC etc. Vehicles are not allowed beyond the parking lot near the entrance but the long walk to your department won’t be tiresome thanks to lush green tree plantations on both sides of the concretized internal roads. True beauty of campus can be appreciated during monsoon as the sylvan surroundings get accentuated with peacocks fanning their tails and singing aloud. The individual blocks do not look very modern or glamorous; in fact some structures look very ancient and in dilapidated condition. From inside too some buildings are dark and shady but the most important things like labs, classrooms, library, auditoriums and washrooms are in proper condition. Equipment and apparatus in labs though aren’t as good as that in IITs but they’re definitely a league above most GTU colleges. Computer related branches have to face more issues with laboratory infrastructure but it’s all very much manageable. There is even WiFi in some spots like ECE dept. Library has plenty of reference books for each branch. There are playgrounds and facilities for sports like badminton, tennis, swimming, lawn tennis etc. But again not all of them are properly maintained and looking at empty spaces and areas here and there you tend to feel they could’ve done better job in planning out the campus.

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Top Placements Reviews ALL Placements REVIEWS

Prasanna Choudhari
on Aug 7, 2016

Placements are great. TPO has many contacts and companies from various fields offering different job profiles come to LD for recruiting. 100% placements are not there, but that’s because unlike many other colleges, students here do want to go for their branch specific jobs only; they are not interested in compromised IT jobs. Thus about 70% of the students get placed on an average, of which most are core jobs. TCS, Elitecore, Cybage, iGate Patni, Mahindra & Mahindra are some of the major recruiters. There are many other small and big companies recruiting 1 or 2 students. Average package is 4 LPA while the highest salary that was offered was 8.5 LPA.
NOTE: For those who want to know more, there is a separate website for placements statistics:

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Top Location Reviews ALL Location REVIEWS

on Aug 6, 2016

LD College of Engineering is located right next to Gujarat University campus in Navarangpura right in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible by city buses from all parts of the city. Also BRTS bus stops of University and Andhjan Mandal are just about 1.5 km away, making connectivity even better and commuting quicker. As many as 50% of the students can be seen travelling by their own two wheelers.

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Top Hostels Reviews ALL Hostels REVIEWS

on Aug 7, 2016

There are six hostel blocks, A to F, inside the campus itself – all of them for boys; girls need to manage their accommodation outside campus on their own. There are many PGs and flats available in nearby areas. Hostel fees are just Rs 2000 per year. There are 3 or 4 people per room depending on its size. Washrooms are shared by 5 such rooms. Rooms are decent and washrooms hygienic. Hostels are not strict – there are no time restrictions at all. But ragging has been curbed successfully. Earlier when the college was under Gujarat University, LD hostels had a notorious image – ragging was common place, outsiders used to walk in and out of hostels anytime they wished and even a few serious crimes had been reported to have been committed here. Also it was a hub for student politics and police never used to enter in here without preparations. But after the inception of GTU this scenario has changed drastically.

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Top Canteen Reviews ALL Canteen REVIEWS

on Aug 6, 2016

There are 2 canteens in the whole campus. One is a proper canteen with lots seating space and enough variety on the menu. Canteen is full most of the times, but food and service are very good. Samosas available at 13 bucks are the most popular dish here. The other canteen is a Nescafé stall where you get all the packaged food stuff but there’s no seating arrangement around it. Students prefer main canteen to have meals or proper food while they often visit Nescafé too to just fritter away time.

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Top Hangouts Reviews ALL Hangouts REVIEWS

on Aug 7, 2016

Parking lot & Nescafé are the most frequented places within the campus. Just outside the gate there are multitudes of road side food stalls offering all sorts of snacks like Bun-Maska-Jam, Vada Pav, Dabeli, Bateta Pauva, Puff, Sandwiches etc. along with cool drinks like flavoured soda, cold coco, chhas and your normal tea & coffee. Apart from these stalls there are many restaurants, malls, cinemas and gaming zones in the near vicinity.

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Top Crowd Reviews ALL Crowd REVIEWS

on Aug 6, 2016

Being one of the oldest and a very reputed college, crowd pours in from all over the state to L. D. College. However as the college is in Ahmedabad, majority of the students are from Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar region. There is also a 10% quota for students of North Eastern states. Number of girl depends on branch; in some branches like Biomed and IT there are more than 70% girls while in Civil & Mechanical there are hardly any girls. Overall it’s a 50-50 ratio. Students here are friendly and they get involved in all types of activities, be it curricular or extra-curricular.

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Top Campus Life Reviews ALL Campus Life REVIEWS

on Aug 7, 2016

Many cultural, technical, sports and other events are organized all through year. All of these festivals and events are completely organized by the students. “Rang de” is the annual cultural festival held near the end of even semesters, while “Teqnix” is the technical festival held in February or March. It has events like robotics, paper presentations, communication skills etc. Students from engineering colleges all over Gujarat come to be a part of these fests. “LAA Garba” (LD Alumni Association) is a 2 night Garba festival; students, teachers and alumni of the college can participate in it. Maximum crowd can be seen in the college during fests. There is also a “Joyfest" which is held for a week starting from 1st October. Also called as ‘joy of giving week’, it has collection drives for funds, toys, clothes etc. for underprivileged children. All these activities are in association with NGOs like SPARSH & others. Not to forget VP (Vox Populi) – the college club who is also responsible for publishing an annual magazine under same name and Robocon – the national level robotics event in which LD has been participating since many years.

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Top Attendance Reviews ALL Attendance REVIEWS

Ashwin Lohidasan
on Aug 6, 2016

Attendance is not a major issue at LD College of Engg. Although the rule says you need to have at least 75% attendance to appear for exams, severity of implementing it depends on individual faculty and branch. For a slight (say 2-5%) shortage no one will bother you. But if attendance is too low, they’ll give extra assignments to write in the term end. No stern actions are known to have been taken though.

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Top Verdict Reviews ALL Verdict REVIEWS

Satyanarayana M Gajangi
on Aug 8, 2016

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering (LDCE) is considered among top 5 engineering colleges in Gujarat. While there is still scope of improvement in faculties and infrastructure, overall it stands true to the reputation. There is lot of freedom in this college, so if you want to pursue your interests, groom your personality or prepare for further education, there is enough scope for that. Low fees and exposure to various situation and events are among other plus points of LD. Overall students rate their college as 7.5/10.

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