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Imperial Academy of Engineering

Last updated on Aug 31, 2017

About and Contact

SECOND YEAR Engineering subjects that are also offered on demand:

  • Strength of Materials (SOM)
  • AE-1
  • AE-2
  • Object Oriented Programming Methodology - OOPM
  • Data Structures - DS

Phone: 09833521067
Email: [email protected]
Website: --


Ghatkopar Branch
Sharad Kunj, Derasar Lane, Behind Gurukul School, Ghatkopar(East), Mumbai,
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400077

Courses / Subjects offered

Applied Mathematics 1

Applied Mathematics 2

Applied Mathematics 3

Applied Mathematics 4

Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEE)

Engineering Drawing (ED)

Engineering Mechanics

Structured Programming Approach (SPA)

Imperial Academy of Engineering

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