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Programmatix Institute

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Programmatix Institute is an institution focused on creating a pleasurable learning experience at the same time helping students to realize their true potential.

Programmatix Institute came into existence in March 2011 when Mr. Pratik Upadhya and Mr. Kapil Baheti both pioneers in methodical and systematic teaching of Personality Education and Mathematics, Computer Languages respectively, decided to join hands and start an institution with a philosophy of imparting quality education in Engineering, Diploma, B.Sc and Personality Development.With a big Mission to achieve, some one with super skills in Master Planning Techniques was required. And for this, Mr. Saurabh Patel joined the force to achieve the goal.

Education today is like a forced task for students. Some students study because they want to make their parents proud , some people study as they want to get a good job, some people study just for the sake of competition, some just for getting passing marks and some just think what society will think if they don’t study.Few student in today's world study to add value to the nation, to create something, to be someone, to create a product, to render service to humanity, to be an entrepreneur, create employment.

Students enter into engineering not to build something but to get a secure job in an MNC, students go for an MBA not to become masters of business administration but to administrate somebody else's business and get a paycheck. Students going for MS see US-India dollar/Rupee conversion as a motivation rather than becoming masters of something with which they can create some niche product or service. So there is a need for change in student mindset and it can be done by changing the educational system.. Student perceptions and motivation level should be changed. More and More students should leverage their time to think that with their talents how India can be made a developed nation.

The only solution that we believe is to this is make studies more pleasurable , more captivating ,more interactive, more educating then just giving lectures. For this we have to build an Education system based on overall development of students, inculcating enterprising attitude into the students and helping them to realize their inner self, talents to create value with their work.

Phone: 8600140686
Email: [email protected]


Borivali Branch
Ganga Vihar Building, Room No. 11, Rokadia Lane, near Gokul Hotel, Borivali west , Mumbai,
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400091

Courses / Subjects offered

Applied Mathematics 1

Applied Mathematics 2

Applied Mathematics 3

Applied Mathematics 4

Attitude Orientation

Basic of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEE)

Career Guidance

Corporate Training

Diet, Fitness and Stress Management

Dream and Goal Planning

Engineering Drawing (ED)

Engineering Mechanics

Hobby Development

Hobby Development

Image Management

Mind Yoga and Meditation Techniques

Money Management

Personal and Professional Skills Development

Public speaking

Strcutred Programming Approach (SPA)

Programmatix Institute

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