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Production Engineering - Course Description & Scope

You could call it the ‘poor mans Mechanical Engineering’, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a good course. Curriculum comprises the study of materials, their strength, their usage in various industrial machinery as also for the study of the machinery itself. Lots of technical drawing is involved and most of the time is spent in the drawing hall of the college. It is a sandwich course and includes management as an integral part of the course.


Although sometimes labelled 'the poor man's Mechanical', Production Engineering has an identity of its own.The course is one of a kind that covers both, Technical as well as the Management side of running an industry. Over the course a few subjects are taught in great depth but some are just about working knowledge. The final year also has an Industrial training period for 6 months that gives first hand working experiance.

How the Course Pans Out:

Major Topics of Study What will you do
Second Year
  • Engieering Drawing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Strength of Material
  • Material Science and Thermal Engineering
  • Theory Of Machines
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
Third Year
  • Operations Strategy And Prod Management
  • Instrumentation
  • Design Of Jigs And Fixtures And Press tools
  • Mould And Metal Forming Technology
  • Design Of Machine Tools
Final Year
  • Industrial Training
  • Automation and Control Engineering
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Economics, Finance, Accounting, Costing
  • Sales and Marketing and HR Management

Production Engineering in a Nutshell:

Job Prospects:

A technical job profile at core companies like L&T or Godrej, which most would know about after their internships in the seventh semester.

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