on 03 November, 2016

What is MBA

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. But you probably knew that already, didn’t you?

Many students slog for entrance exams, crack them, go through the GD-PI drills, and finally even manage to get into a good B-School, without having any clue whatsoever about what to expect from the next two years of their lives. Of course, they know what they’ll get two years hence – a nice little job from a massive conglomerate, and a big fat paycheck.

Mind you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that mentality; it’s perfectly normal and perfectly understandable. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a sneak peek into a two-year journey that you intend to embark upon soon, right?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course was introduced in the late 19th century as the USA took its steps towards high-level industrialization and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. Gradually, the course has gained immense popularity the world over, and now attracts a fantastic number of experienced professionals as well as freshers from a wide range of academic disciplines.

The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. Students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or can select an area of concentration, though many institutes (especially in India) offer their own specialized courses, which means that the institute itself chooses the specializations for students.

Over the two years of MBA, you’ll study about various factors (laws, trends, markets, economies) that effect businesses and the running of businesses. You’ll also be exposed to ‘real-life situations’ in an attempt to make sure that you don’t crumble under pressure if the going ever gets tough in the future. There are a number of subjects which, more than anything, simply broaden your perspective about everything under the sun.

One must not forget that an MBA (especially in India) is a pretty rigorous program. Kiss goodbye to 10 hours of sleep, and say hello to all-nighters where you have to slog in order to meet deadlines. Ask your friends to bear with (or without) you for two years, since you’re hardly going to have enough time to breathe, never mind socialize.

Don’t get discouraged, though. Some of your best times will be in your B-School, specially if it is one of the higher-ranked ones where the programs are residential. Studying at good MBA institutes actually becomes a pleasure, something to remember. Meeting deadlines and completing projects becomes enjoyable. Most importantly, you make some excellent friends, and develop as an individual on the whole.

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