on 05 September, 2018

KJSCE Abhiyantriki 2020

The Annual Technical Festival orchestrated by K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering is being conducted virtually on 23rd and 24th of October.
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Started in 1998, Abhiyantriki has revamped over the years and is constantly growing bigger. The pandemic couldn't stop Abhiyantriki from sharing its technical wisdom with all. 
Why should one be a part of Abhiyantriki? We are surrounded by technologies and hear of new technologies coming up all the time. By associating with various big organizations and mega projects, Abhiyantriki aims to render the knowledge of these technologies to all who experience it. This is the reason that every year at Abhiyantriki, the arena is brimming with thousands of students coming from institutes all over Maharashtra to learn about science and technology, families coming to witness the glory of our expos and veterans challenging themselves to events like Ideate and more. Hope to see you be a part of this festival and experience its glory for yourself!

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