on 14 November, 2011

Associate Engineer at Qualcomm

Aditya Bohra

Grad College Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar
Stream Information and Communication Technology + Wireless Comm.
Graduated in 2011
Grad Aggregate 8.3 GPA
Standout Quality Industrial Internships in Similar Field



  • Jobs Applied for: Qualcomm, National Instruments, ZS Associates
  • Jobs offered: Qualcomm
  • Job accepted: Qualcomm
  • Pay Package: Rs. 10 Lakh/year
  • Posted in: Hyderabad
  • Designation: Associate Engineer


Job Description:

Qualcomm offers lots of profiles for Engineering freshers:

  1. Communications: Work is based on the team u get into, we have teams like, bluetooth team, GPS team, WIFI Team, CDMA software Team, GSM Software Team, LTE team and lots more.
  2. IT: Java based applications are developed. Web development, Desktop Applications, Server Applications etc.
  3. VLSI: All the VLSI Hardware related stuff like Verilog Programming, ASIC Design, Chip Testing is done here!

We may get into any of these teams depending upon our interests and our profile. Different teams have different working styles and workload.
I am an Associate Engineer at Qualcomm. Folks joining after completing Masters Join in as Engineers. Qualcomm is the Industry leader in Wireless Chip Market. Most of the the 3G phones in the market today have Qualcomm Chips inside. The way Intel is for Desktop PC's , Qualcomm is for Mobile Devices.

Experience at Work:

The experience here has been great. I am enjoying it as the environment is great and moreover I am doing what I am interested in.


Advice to the juniors:

Be focused on what you want to do. I did internships at Ericsson and at Qualcomm which I feel helped me get the job.

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