on 30 August, 2011

Management Trainee at Bayer Group

Ranjini Menon


Post Grad Institute Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC), Mumbai
Year of Passing 2015
Post Grad Aggregate 64.27 % (Phase I)
Grad College Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
Year of Graduation 2013
Grad Aggregate 59%
Standout Quality Taking Initiative, Creative Mind, Good communication skills



  • Current Training company: Bayer Group                               
  • Department: Bayer Material Science
  • Job Location: Ghodbunder Road, Thane 


Interview Experience at IGTC during Admission process:

At the Personal Interview process of the IGTC’s PGPBA programme I was shortlisted with 6 companies for interview. The thought that I will be interviewed with 6 companies gave me jitters. But as I went through one panel after another I couldn’t help realise how humbling the whole experience was. Talking to each of the 6 panels, about me, and about what I knew and wanted to know about the company was a really memorable experience. But at the end of the day the whole experience itself was so educational that irrespective of the fact whether we got into the course, IGTC had already started teaching me lessons for life!


Experience at the Training Company:

The training phases for each student is different here at IGTC since all come from different academic backgrounds but the common factor in all is that each student gets to learn a lot. At Bayer, the working environment is formal but at the same time is friendly too. Work is approached such that the employee doesn’t feel any stress. The ‘Open Door’ attitude at work ensures a trainee or an employee for that matter can always approach their mentors or seniors. Especially in a company so big, there are so many opportunities to learn, all that is required is the need in a person to learn. The employees are provided with such services and benefits that working there becomes real easy. Work in a way becomes fun and hence you eagerly wait for the next day of work to arrive.


Advice to the juniors:

Just few months into the course and I knew that joining IGTC was the best decision I made in my life. It has brought to light the good qualities and also the flaws in me. I am now learning to overcome them. At IGTC you get many opportunities to meet people, to visit places, to experience new things, to challenge yourself and prove yourself. All you have to do is overcome your fears, and let go. Be the true person you are as these 18 months are going to be the fastest, toughest, and the best 18 months of your life and they are going to be worth each and every penny, sweat and time you put in. 

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