on 14 November, 2011

Research & Devpt Engineer at Siemens

Sujay Deshpande

Graduation College: MES College of Engineering (MESCOE), Pune
Stream: B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Passed out in: 2011
Graduation Aggregate 65%
Standout Quality:

Hardworking and crave for creating innovative products



  • Jobs Applied for: Mahindra Satyam, MPhasis, Mahindra Vehicles, Siemens and Seed
  • Jobs offered: All of the above!
  • Job accepted: Siemens
  • Pay Package: Not disclosed
  • Posted in: Goa
  • Nature of Recruitment: Off-campus


Job Description:

I'm working in the Research & Development Department at Siemens. My team works on everything from Designing to Manufacturing & Testing. It often involves making loads of precise calculations & visualizing and creating 3D models. Apart from that we there's Building and Testing of the prototypes. There is no doubt on the amount of exposure you get but the best part is getting first hand experience of everything.

Experience at Work:

People here are vastly experienced in the field and very helpful. 9 hours is the 'official' work-time, but be ready to work a lot more and even up to late in the day. But, it hasn't become frustrating as the challenging atmosphere really keeps me going!


Advice to the juniors:

If you are looking for a place to have an experience for a year or two before post graduation, this is not the place for you. You will be bound to get really involved and think twice before going ahead with your MS/MBA plans. But for those who really love working for these kind of products, it's wonderful...

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