on 01 June, 2013

Senior Software Engineer at Infosys

Navin Israni

Grad College Pillais Institute of Information Technology, New Panvel
Stream B.E. in Computer Engineering
Graduated in 2011
Grad Aggregate 65.23%
Standout Quality Wrote a book on SPCC subject in my college days for Nandu Publications



  • Jobs Applied for: Infosys
  • Jobs offered: Infosys
  • Job accepted: Infosys
  • Pay Package: INR 325,000/year
  • Posted in: Pune
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Job Description:

  • I choose to join Education & Research in Infosys, which is basically internal training deptartment.
  • We read and learn on new technology courses every cycle to deliver sessions on client requirement and quarterly calendar.
  • We also work on modifying those courses as per requirement.

Experience at Work:

  • A lot of learning, its a different kind of job i.e. Delivering sessions that quickly.
  • You need to have a knack for learning.
  • You should love learning to be able to enjoy in this job.


Advice to the juniors:

You should be dedicated to learning and to work in this deptartment.

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