on 01 June, 2013

Software Engineer Traniee at Diebold

Surjeet Karmakar

Grad College Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC), Bandra, Mumbai
Stream B.E. in IT
Graduated in 2013
Grad Aggregate


Standout Quality

Various Freelance Software and Websites development in different domains helped a lot.



  • Jobs Applied for: Deloitte, Diebold, Infosys
  • Jobs offered: Diebold, Infosys
  • Job accepted: Diebold
  • Pay Package: INR 500,000/year
  • Posted in: Mumbai
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Interview Experience:

  • Diebold recruitment process was the most professional, as compared to previous company processes, with quality interviewers.
  • The best thing about interview rounds were that, it focused on overall concepts of programming and Computer fundamentals, thus, extracting the best out of each deserving student.

Job Description:

  • Designation: Software Engineer Trainee

  • Kind of work: Involved in development of various Softwares for ATM machines.

Experience at Work:

  • The company concentrates a lot on employee satisfaction.
  • Working environment is excellent, energetic and flexible.
  • Peers are very much supportive.
  • Working hours is 8.30 hours.


Advice to the juniors:

Anyone planning to get into Diebold must have good programming and execution skills.

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