Adi Krishnan
on 01 August, 2012

A Corporate Perspective

When I was graduating, a fair bit of people told me, it is all about to change, my life! I thought I could cope with it just to prove them all wrong, which truly is the fun or like an achievement you could boast about. And now, 10 days into it, I wanted to pen down what I feel and share it so it could really be a good inside picture of this age old experience of a lost life post college. Tell you the truth, it really isn't "lost life" but just a cliche and in many ways perspective based.

When you enter corporate industry as a fresher, the first thing on your mind probably is, "This is end of fun and beginning of work" but it all depends on your organization what it really is and how comfortable they make you feel. Another thing would be that, you might begin to believe "I'll never find best friends at work like I did in college" but when you enter with that mindset, you are already restricting your socializing abilities. Open up and be free but its also a rule that you shouldn't be attached to the people at your work because it might hinder your growth and that's where all the "professionalism" they speak about enters. Now what is professionalism? Just a big word to make believe that you have the attitude to survive under any possible circumstance. The word itself brings along the words maturity, responsibility and such.

Finally, the hardest part and the most painful one is that we wont be with our best friends again like we were at college and unfortunately its all true! You might meet them all along but you would have to accept the fact that the hostel days would never return. Memories of joy would certainly dampen your eyes and possibly make you feel low at times but the strength you regain on being in touch with them would actually give you the courage to move on! I've had less trouble adapting to situations in life and the reason for that is my advice to you. "If you see a change in progress in the near future, accept it and it'll help you deal it." This mantra is universal for any sort of change.
On a parting note, I'd say, "Party hard and study hard"

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Adi Krishnan

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