Mayank Sharma
on 19 March, 2013

Engineering – Blessing In Disguise

I've never come across anybody who has said anything good about engineering to me.

If I'm to frame this the other way then I can say that everybody whom I've come across, has criticized engineering to the core. If you are one such person who is pursuing engineering and still hates it, then let me say that I'm really against such thinking.

Not many of engineering students realise the amount of knowledge that engineering has given them. I'm from EXTC so I'll be talking with reference to things that I've studied. Before stepping into engineering, who knew that basic blocks or the heart and brain of our Personal Computers (PCs) and Laptops are microprocessor and microcontroller? It is engineering who introduced us to these chips!

We all know that every time when a mobile phone is switched on, we cannot use it for few moments. A layman doesn't know the reason that why his/her mobile doesn't respond after s/he turns it on but we know that the processor in the mobile is initializing itself and so it has disabled all its interrupts. And we know about this because we have studied MicroProcessor and MicroContorller (MPMC) in engineering. Communicating via mobile phone is something that even a 5th grader knows but how exactly this communication takes place, is known to us. We know the difference between a home circle and a roaming circle because we've studied mobile communication. 

TV is something that we've been watching right since our childhood but it is engineering that has shown us the real concept behind this box. It is engineering who taught us that image transmission takes place just by generation of electrons depending upon the brightness levels of the scene. Many students argue that in this era, when companies are launching LED/LCD TVs, we are busy learning CRT TVs. Can y'all please tell me that without understanding basic TV how, can you'll even think of studying LED or LCD?

Coming to the Comps/IT field, students from this background should be proud of IT giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. And I am sure students from various other fields like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil etc. are awestruck with the developement in their respective fields.

So I would like to conclude this article by saying that if we stop criticising engineering and start utilizing the knowledge that this field has to offer us, we can do really well. 

PS: No where in this article I have said that engineering is superior to any other field. The amount of knowledge that this field gives us is surely high but that does not mean that other fields like commerce or arts is in any way inferior to us. Remember, if our knowledge about technology is better then their knowledge about economy and other such things, is far better than ours.

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