Mayank Sharma
on 27 November, 2013

Regular studies Vs Last minute studies (LMS)

There is no need for me to give you'll an intro regarding what this article is all about. Title says it all! And I also think that this topic might have been an all-time favourite debating topic right from the time mankind started the art of education.

Ok so starting with the topic, I’m sure that 90% of the people reading this article, support last moment studying and are here just to see how I justify the statement. If you’re one such person then I’m sorry to break your heart but this article tris to make you undertand that why regular studying is essential.

Actually, even I supported LMS till the time I didn’t step in engineering. In engineering, I followed LMS for 3 semesters and trust me, I suffered badly. According to me, some naive people follow LMS watching others do it but friends the world is full of cunning people. Remember Chatur Ramalingum of 3 idiots? In reality as well, there are people like him who would come up to you and say ‘Kya starting se padh raha hai? Last mein ho jaega’ but those very people would go home and study every evening. I’ve also even seen people who don’t study from start just because they think that studying at last moment will make them look cool. Well if you ask me that’s not being cool. That’s what I call being fool!

So, given below are 5 simple points that might make you’ll understand that why regular studying is essential, at least in engineering:
1. Updated information: Studying from the beginning helps you’ll to know what’s inside the book. I mean, just imagine you pick some book in PL and you come to know that there at 7 to 10 chapters in the subject, each having equal weightage! Which chapter would you’ll give importance? It’ll be really hectic to set a plan then.

2. Preparation for viva: Yes, yes I know that nobody studies for viva but I suggest that take viva seriously. Not for marks of course! Everybody knows that just like marriages, even your internal marks are written in heaven and no matter how much hard you work or how much bad you perform, your internals won’t change (I hope my teachers don’t read this). I believe that if you’ll study seriously for viva, you’ll come to know many important things like the key points of an answer, advantages of one system/algorithm over other, difference between different techniques, etc.

3. Avoiding last minute blunder: When we start studying at the very last moment, chances are high that in haste we might skip few important answers. This can prove disastrous if the answer you had skipped ends up coming in the exam! Always remember the primary school's saying - 'Haste makes waste'.

4. Life – The unknown mystery: Ok the name of the point sounds pretty philosophical but there’s nothing as such. I’ll explain this point with an example. Imagine your PL has just begun and you’ve made an impressive schedule and according to your schedule, you’ve divided your studying period in two parts viz. the morning session of 11 am to 2 pm and an evening session from 4 pm to 8 pm. But suddenly, your electricity provider issues a load shedding notice and as per that notice, you won’t be having electricity at home from 3 pm to 6 pm! We students hate studying even when we’re in an AC room; what we’ll study if there’s no electricity! I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say and why I’ve named this point as ‘Life – The unknown mystery’.

5. No pressure: Recently, in an Indo Aussie cricket match, India ended up chasing a mammoth target of 360. Do you’ll know why? It is because the opening batsmen had built the Indian inning right from the start and there was no pressure in the end. Engineering is pretty much like a cricket match. If you don’t build your inning from the start, you might end up requiring run rate of 10 or 12 in last ten overs i.e. you might end up requiring more than 5 hours of studying each day to complete the syllabus. Guys understand this; although Dhoni requires just 20 to 30 balls to hit 60 runs, a normal batsman would require 80 to 100 balls to get the same score and do I need to say that not every batsman is Dhoni? So why to take the unnecessary risk? Study from start and lead a pressure free life.

I’m not saying that study hard right from start. Just give 1 or 2 hours for studying and then see what miracle you’ll do in exam.

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