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Force, Truss And Ramkumar..

Ramkumar Agarwal, popularly known as the Baadshah of Mechanics, belives that if one develops a passion for learning, he will never cease to grow. Studied from the very first engineering college in India, IIT Roorkee, he is now termed as “The Mechanics Guru”. He is equally popular for his strictness and moderating student's homework which, of course, speaks about his success rate. The guy who has mastered the 'mechanics' of teaching interviewed for Stupidsid at his Andheri branch. 


Let's start with your qualifications.

I am a B.E. (civil), M.E. (Building Science) from University of Roorkee, M.E. (Highway Engg), M.I.E, M.I.S.T.E


After double Masters, how did you get into teaching?

I was always passionate about teaching. It gives me immense pleasure to impart knowledge to young minds. In 1991, I joined Saboo Siddik College of Engineering as a lecturer. Then in 1994, I joined D.J Sanghvi. I taught there till 2008. Simultaneously I started Agarwal Classes.


As you've been teaching since 1991, are you involved with the education board anyway?

Yes. I used to set and correct university papers.


Which are the subjects that you teach?

As most of the students know, I teach Mechanics. Besides that, I even teach Strength of Materials (SOM) that comes in Semester 3 (mechanical).


Anything special about these subjects that you selected them?

These are the subjects that pique my interest. Everything goes according to my interest. If you like a particular subject then you can do justice to the same.


What are the real life application of your subject?

Just take a look around. Everything around you works on the laws of mechanics. All the infrastructure that is developed, a lot of forces are considered so that you get a strong structure. From sitting on a chair to constructing a layout for a building, mechanics plays a crucial role in our day to day life.


Sir, what are the common mistakes that students make while writing the paper?

Commonly made mistake by students is that they forget to write units in the final answer. Since students come from a CET background, they are very used to the MCQ pattern. The second common mistake that I have observed is that students don’t make proportionate diagrams and then end up being confused.


Like in all subjects there is always a fun part which students love to solve and one tedious part which they leave as option. So what are the topics that students find easy and difficult?

Students find statics easy since it has as the same procedural approach in most of the sums. While dynamics being more conceptual, students try to run away from these topics.


Any memorable incident or student that you will never forget.

There was this student who had flunked in mechanics like 4 to 5 times and he desperately wanted to pass. In my classes, I have this system whereby I call student’s parents if their attendance is low or their performance is not up to the mark. So this guy requested me to not to inform my parents but I followed my standard procedure. And eventually the guy slogged and scored +80.


I'm sure many consider you as the king of Mechanics but sir, whom do you look up to?

No one as such. Over the years I have learned one thing that your experience is the best teacher. Unless you are driven by ambition no one can help you. One needs to learn things by themselves.


What are your views about the current education system?

In my opinion, the CGPA system has killed the competition at the high level. Students who score 80% and students who score 90% both of them get same 10 pointers. Hence, the hard working students are not recognised.


Any advice to future engineers..

Be sincere, work hard and learn to manage your time properly. Cut down on irrelevant activities like TV and whatsapp.


PS: Sir Ramkumar is so intertwined with his daily commitments and priorities that he's never clicked a picture all his life (a closed source has told us).

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