on 14 August, 2013

Interview with Jude 'Programming' Miranda

Jude Miranda is the man with only one mantra - Knowledge is Supreme! Humble, Polite ("Sir. Madam.” You'll read about it shortly) and extremely Wise are few words one might used to describe him. From Java to Android he has made a good fist in all the programming languages. He's a very popular name, especially for imparting programming knowledge, in the Mumbai University student community. Akshita Chawla interviewed this brilliantly ‘coded’ man for Stupidsid.


Sir, tell me about yourself?

I was born in Tamil Nadu and have done MSc IT from Chennai. I started Neebal Technologies in 2000 with strong motivation to communicate knowledge to both students and engineers.


Students know you as Jude Sir, but did you work somewhere before teaching?

Before teaching, I used to work as a research analyst at a research based company for almost two years.


So, what got you into teaching?

While I was working as an analyst, my neighbour needed help in his studies. So, I spent some hours daily with him and gradually realised my passion towards teaching. Later, I started Neebal Technologies and now it's been 13 years that I am in this profession.


Which are the subjects you teach?

Currently, I teach various Computer and IT subjects from Semester I to Semester 8. Here’s the detailed list -

Subjects Semester
Java III (EXTC, Comps and IT)
Data Structures III (Comps and IT)
Internet Programming IV
Operating System IV
Computer Networking V
Enterprise Integrated Technology VI


What do students generally find easy and difficult in Programming?

Level of difficulty is a relative term. It varies from individual to individual. The amount of time you invest and the passion for learning can make the subject easy/difficult for someone.


What are your favourite dialogues during the lectures?

I address my students as “Sir” or “Madam”.


Your Exclusive tip to score high in the exam.

I strongly believe in imparting knowledge to the students. Marks have always been secondary to me. Students should focus on the learning process. Marks are not a reliable parameter to judge someone’s intellect. When students score low they shouldn't think of it as the end of their lives. Rather, they should concentrate on other subjects and move on.


Surely you have inspired so many young minds, but who is your inspiration?

The person who has inspired me the most is my very first teacher – my mother, Neebal Missier.


What are your views about the current Indian Educational System?

The standard of education is deteriorating. Too much emphasis is given on the bookish knowledge rather than practical application. The student’s attitude towards studies has become very exam oriented. They only hook to topics that are asked in the exam, which is hampering their growth drastically. The last year FE batch was given blueprints for their exam paper due to which the students studied only selective topics.


Sir, any advice to the upcoming engineers students?

Study hard. Focus on gaining knowledge and not just marks. And always remember “Knowledge is Supreme.

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