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Production Engineering - Course Description & Scope


Although sometimes labelled 'the poor man's Mechanical', Production Engineering has an identity of its own.The course is one of a kind that covers both, Technical as well as the Management side of running an industry. Over the course a few subjects are taught in great depth but some are just about working knowledge. The final year also has an Industrial training period for 6 months that gives first hand working experiance.

How the Course Pans Out:

Major Topics of Study What will you do
Second Year
  • Engieering Drawing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Strength of Material
  • Material Science and Thermal Engineering
  • Theory Of Machines
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
Third Year
  • Operations Strategy And Prod Management
  • Instrumentation
  • Design Of Jigs And Fixtures And Press tools
  • Mould And Metal Forming Technology
  • Design Of Machine Tools
Final Year
  • Industrial Training
  • Automation and Control Engineering
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Economics, Finance, Accounting, Costing
  • Sales and Marketing and HR Management

Production Engineering in a Nutshell:

Job Prospects:

A technical job profile at core companies like L&T or Godrej, which most would know about after their internships in the seventh semester.

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