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on 17 April, 2013

We Don’t Need No 'EXTRA' Education

I'm not saying this. When Stupidsid conducted a survey on coaching classes, these were the results - 40% of the students, the braniacs or maybe the lazy ones, voted for NOT falling prey to tuitions and preferred studying on their own. 35.5% have a notion that probably it would boost their score. Fear makes you helpless which 17% believe and to play safe, they preferred to join a coaching class. What we Indians love is ‘Bhedchaal’ and not standing up for what we believe in. 7.5% have this mentality and felt let us do what all the other blokes are doing.

The education system never fails to astonish me with its ever exploiting evil business tactics. As if colleges and schools were not enough to fill up their ever emptying pockets, they started the concept of tuition classes. It is rather fascinating the way a tuition class makes you feel like you are getting something when you actually fall prey to a smart plan. Kind of a placebo effect, huh? Well, nevermind. Businessmen always find a helpless guy and use him for their advantage. It is probably an unsung Darwin Law.

Looking at the survey, I feel, that there are still 60% of the students who think that coaching classes will benefit them a lot. What astonishes me is the big number - 35% - of the voters who feel that going for tuitons can certainly aggravate their results from 60 to 90. Come on, grow up for heaven sake! These classes are like termite; once etched, they are never out.

When I spoke to Nihir, a final year student from one of the top colleges of the city, he said, "There are only four times I joined coaching - SSC, CET entrance (and not HSC), Engg. Semester 1 and 2 (one subject each). I do not think coaching will get you a lot of marks. You need to understand the concepts; for that coaching classes are not needed. If so, then why go to a college?"

The problem is that both, lectures and lecturers, are not taken seriously. We consider coaching classes as the temple of education and hence parents are ready to splurge whatever amount it is on their child (as if it is an angioplasty or some medication for a rare pancreatic disorder). It is absolutely understandable that some sort of coaching is needed at different stages - SSC, Engineering/Medical Entrance Tests, MBA Entrance Tests (well, there's a big number here), etc. - but relying on it completely is a slap on the teaching system. 

Contrary to the above opinion stands Shruti who says, "I attend every lecture but I do not understand what the professor is teaching. My classmates, too, have the same problem. It is not us; it's the college teachers who are disheartened to teach. In such a case, we're forced to join tuitions where we get good guidance and teaching. I've placed my bet properly and and I do get good returns most of the times. I often think that coaching classes should start giving recognised degrees".

I got similar responses from many other students. Well, to some extent they are true as it is an open market and every college professor knows that students opt for coaching. So, why give hundred percent? Having said that, many professors conduct private coaching as well which, by education rules and laws, is a wrong practice. 

This can be a chicken-egg debate but I strongly believe that going by the votes, the advanced generation glued to the internet world and the exorbitant tuition fee will certainly curb the 'chal tuition le le' practice in the long run.

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