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Big Somaiya Debate (BSD), KJ Somaiya College of Engineering

Big Somaiya Debate - 2016

Organised by:KJ Somaiya College of Engineering

ORGANIZED FOR: Open to all

Dates:24th - 25th September 2016


24th-25th September 2016

The Big Somaiya Debate (BSD) is an annual intercollegiate debate competition, jointly organised by the literary club, Illuminati, and the Students' Council of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering.

Awarded the prestigious status of an Autonomous University in 2014, KJSCE is an institution having a commitment towards quality in all spheres of education. With the backing of a progressive management, requisite infrastructure, committed staff and versatile students, KJSCE seeks all-round development of students through events like BSD.

BSD is among the premier competitions of Mumbai’s Debating Community. Open to students studying in colleges across India, it was born out of the need to promote the debate community in KJSCE and encourage interactions among debaters in the literary circuit. It is an endeavour that gives a voice to the opinionated and bridges the gap between the thoughts of the modern youth and a platform for them to be heard.

The competition, in 2016 will be held as per the Oxford Style Debating format. During the course of the two day competition, diverse topics over social, moral and political issues are covered. This will encourage students to examine all facets of important and controversial topics in an atmosphere of reasoned argument and respectful discourse. Competitions like BSD are intellectually exciting activities that allow individuals to develop skills like rigorous and critical thinking, with the added thrill of achievement.

Regardless of whether you’re a debating veteran or a novice, BSD witnesses the best of minds from across Mumbai to slug it out in this event.

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