on 19 September, 2016

TECHITHON'16, Atharva College of Engineering


Organised by:Atharva College of Engineering

ORGANIZED FOR: Open to all

Dates:26th - 28th September 2016

The theme of this Festival is Marizona which comes from maritime. MARITIME means everything realted to seas ships ports and anything that comes to ur mind when u hear the word sea.One of the aim of this theme is to make the Functioning of the Mumbai port easier..for this we have made different Projects which solve the problems that are faced by the ports such as anti collision device which prevents the collision of two ships, autoknot which acts as a robo inspector and many more.. also we have green environment which focuses on pollution free environment and tidal energy which focuses on harnessing the energy generated from waves and many more environmentally friendly projects.. well no fest is complete without entertainment and events.. we have lan events like cs go and dota 2, neon events like football and cricket and also special events like Pokewalk and Paintball. Pokewalk being the highlight of all the events. The main aim of techithon 16 is to provide a platform for students from all over mumbai to showcase their technical Superiority so we have kept a intercollege technical competition where students can come and show their inventions and the best invention gets 10k cash prize on the spot and the runner up gets 5k cash.

There is so much more to tech16, join us yourself and be a part of this amazing technical fest and make tech16 a huge success.. thank you.

Venue - Atharva college of engineering Malad west
Dates - 26th, 27th and 28th September

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