on 01 June, 2013

Lead Process Engineer at Cognizant Technology Solution Ltd.

Rakesh Adhani

Grad College Visvesvaraya Technical Institute (VTI), Bangalore
Stream B.E. in Information Science and Engineering
Graduated in 2011
Grad Aggregate 89%
Standout Quality My graduation aggregate.



  • Jobs Applied for: Logitech Ltd, Acer Computers, Mercury MicroChips, Motorola Solutions, Edifier Sound Ltd, Cognizant Technology Solution Ltd, TCS
  • Jobs offered: Cognizant Technology Solution Ltd.
  • Job accepted: Cognizant Technology Solution Ltd.
  • Pay Package: INR 960,000/year
  • Posted in: Chennai
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Job Description:

As a Lead Process Engineer - Microprocessors & Semi Conductor Devices.

  • This is a job in which we design Microprocessors, develop them and put them into the market.
  • It requires a lot of knowledge of Coding Languages mainly C++, C# 4.0, Java and many others.
  • It also requires a electrical, electronic & computer coding knowledge without which this job is useless.
  • You have to strive out daily in thinking out and designing them which is the most challenging task.


Experience at Work:

  • Working experience is awesome.
  • You can get a lot of help from the directors as well as the seniors.
  • One Advice: Before you get into the company, brush your engineering knowledge once because its difficult to set to that working atmosphere.


Advice to the juniors:

No advice, but remember one thing, Whatever you do just love it. If you don't bring in interest, the thing you are doing is just a waste and you can't succeed.

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