on 01 June, 2013

Support Associate at SAP Labs

Suraj Brijwani

Grad College Vivekanand Education Society's Inst. of Technology (VESIT), Chembur
Stream B.E. in IT
Graduated in 2013
Grad Aggregate 77.67%
Standout Quality Inability to crack previous companies was more motivating & provoking to prepare harder & better



  • Jobs Applied for: Morgan Stanley, Tibco, Playgames 24X7, Indus Valley Partners (IVP), JP Morgan, Accenture, SAP Labs
  • Jobs offered: Accenture, SAP Labs
  • Job accepted: SAP Labs
  • Pay Package: INR 700,000/year
  • Posted in: Bangalore
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Interview Experience:

  • I applied through college and the process took a day
  • First there was an Online Aptitude Test that comprised of 3 sections:
    • General Aptitude (Quants, Verbal & Logical) (Quite Easy)
    • Advance Computer Skills (Not too tough, Basic Tech Questions)
    • Data Structure Questions (BST, AVL Trees, B,B+ Trees etc)
  • Then three Rounds of Technical Interviews:
    • 1st Technical Round in which they covered almost everything like Database, Data Structures, (C/C++/Java) questions, OS, Networks,etc
    • 2nd Technical Round was mostly on BE Project or other Projects listed in Resume
    • 3rd Technical Round was on Database Schemas, Queries, Normalization,etc
  • Managerial Round: A scenario of work scheduling was given.
  • HR Round: Just seemed to be a formality
  • Link -


Job Description:

Designation - Support Associate

  • My job basically requires me to solve customer messages based on the issues that SAP customers face while updating & upgrading their systems. Add-On installation and any other forms of Upgrades.
  • Sometimes, in case of Very Business Critical messages, it involves even interacting with the domestic and foreign customers in person to offer assistance.

Experience at Work:

  • So far extremely pleasant.
  • Comfortable work environment with positive attitude in employees.
  • Decent employee friendly facilities.


Advice to the juniors:

  • Its always better to make hay while sun shines, which I unfortunately didn't. But was fortunate enough to have SAP coming to campus at correct time.
  • Its better to be prepared before hand and not screw up even a single job interview as it may simply cost you, your future.
  • Very essential to balance between placement preparations, studies and final year project work.
  • Try to devote maximum attention to placements (aptitude, interview preparations) especially during August-November duration.
  • Once you manage to get a job, its the Best feeling in the world.

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