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on 09 February, 2013

Earn. Not Learn

Well, that's the mantra for most of the new age students and when last week stupidsid carried out a survey, the results proved to be exactly similar. Even though the competition was almost nail biting in the beginning, in the end, more than 50% of voters prefer to Study Abroad only for Fat Salaries and Lifestyle.

There was a time when QUALITY learning was appreciated. Students, along with their parents used to be proud of their degree. But over the last decade, there has been so much of commercialisation in education that nobody gives a damn about the crux of the course. All a student wants is to PASS (flying colour is like cherry on the cake) and move to the next level - Earning.

This mindset has surely become like a poison when 58% of the users were in the favour of Studying Overseas only for mouthwatering pay packages and higher standard of living; 40% prefer higher education in abroad only if the teaching standards are top notch and a mere 2% voted because their friends were going (Seriously?).

"Many students are not aware of the tight market situation. They're simply allured to the fantasies of the foreign world. Placement standards in countries like USA, Germany, Canada, Singapore, etc. are not like Indian institutions. Not only do they leverage on the reputation of the university but they also demand solid knowledge of the subject to secure a job. The multiple interview rounds are based on the subjects a student opts for; and thus the knowledgeable one always gets through", says a reputed counsellor in Mumbai. 

A student who is a mastero in his/her subject can possibly solve any problem with some industrial guidance. There have been many inspirational industrialists and business tycoons who have started from scratch and made it to the top only because they had the passion to learn things and then implement it.

"My seniors had average grades in engineering. They applied to some average schools in the States. Scored an average CGPA there yet they are now earning more than $90,000 per annum. They already have mindboggling cars. They stay in apartments which are like villas for Indian standards. Come on, that's a huge amount and it becomes highly enticing for anyone to give it a shot", quotes Rohan, a third year engineering student who strongly disagrees with the 40% voters. "With time, you start liking the kind of work that comes your way and if we're in the 'so called' rat race, then let's be at the podium", he adds.

Despite various opinions and contradictions, the fact remains true that high pay packages is what's drawing most of the audience to overseas education as compared to the quality teaching.

Expert Advice: If you plan for higher education in USA or any other country, make sure you know everything about the course, faculty, job prospects, etc. While most many not agree but LUCK plays a vital role in getting a good university followed by a fantastic pay package and thus it is always recommended to make a wise decision.

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