on 20 January, 2012

Deputy Manager at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd (GPIL)

Vivek Rajeevan

  • Graduation college: IIT Bombay 2011 Batch
  • Stream: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Aerospace Engineering.
  • Graduation aggregate: CGPA 7.91/10
  • Applied for: Procter &Gamble (P&G), ITC and Godfrey Phillips India Ltd (GPIL)
  • Jobs offered: Godfrey Phillips India Ltd (GPIL)
  • Job accepted: Godfrey Phillips India Ltd (GPIL)

Interview experience:

It was a HR cum Technical interview. Lot of emphasis was given to my college projects. HR was mostly about your ambitions and background. It is important you know the company profile and its products. I was asked to name them. My projects were informative and I could comment on them. Also I was shortlisted by P&G but missed out in the interviews. So I had some ideas of what to expect. Your first interview is always hard, it gets better after that.


Job Description:

I am a Deputy Manager in the manufacturing department. My job profile deals with Projects, Production and Maintenance in my department.
Posted in: Navi Mumbai
Nature of Recruitment: On-Campus
Starting Pay package: 7.51 Lac


Experience at Work:

I am quite satisfied with my profile of work. Most of my work is engineering oriented so I can relate to my subject. You have to put in more working hours at the beginning to understand your job, if you want to continue in the same field.


Advice to the juniors:

You should prepare for your interviews but don’t overdo it. 1 month is more than sufficient according to me. You should know your resume, I would advise not to mislead your interviewer. If he catches you then it is over and he will in most cases. They generally look for your body language about how serious you are about the interview. These are my experiences; it won’t be the same for everyone.

I believe you should take a job that you like as a first job rather than go for higher pay. Your role in the company is also very important.

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