on 23 May, 2013

Graduate Engineering Trainee at Larsen & Toubro

Bhishman Desai

Grad College Fr Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engg, Bandra
Stream B.E in Production Engineering
Graduated in 2012
Grad Aggregate 65%
Standout Quality Participation in SAE BAJA 2012 as a Design Team Head. In-plant training in L&T Design & engg center



  • Jobs Applied for: L&T, Mahindra, Cummins, ARAI
  • Jobs offered: L&T, Cummins
  • Job accepted: L&T
  • Pay Package: INR 375,000/year
  • Posted in: Ahmednagar
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Interview Experience:

For Mahindra, I still wonder how I couldn't clear the aptitude test.

L&T was among the first companies to visit the college, easily cleared the aptitude test. The stunner was the final interview. As most of others in my batch experienced L&T checks for a lot of technical acumen. They grill you crazily in interviews. Mine went on for 1 hr 45 minutes. They asked questions on almost every subject I studied in the last 2 semesters (since they are core subjects). For a lot of time I also deviated them to discuss about SAE BAJA team which I was in and NSS work I did in college. Its a good strategy to tell them you're doing something good and substantial and not sitting at home like a couch potato after college hours. Although avoid telling them you organized college fests and stuff. It won't work in your favor to win them over

I got to participate in placements of SAE BAJA 2012 where I was shortlisted by Cummins and ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).

ARAI takes you through 2 GDs and a hardcore technical interview. Wasn't going to get through and I knew it as I entered the lair of Interviewers.

Cummins also had 2 GDs, an HR interview followed by a technical interview. Since I was already placed in L&T, I had room for experimenting. It started as an average interview, as if it was just a formality. They basically opened the floor to me for asking them questions instead (in this situation I suggest people to take the sweet opportunity and grill them on policies, employee engagement schemes, gender ratio, CSR etc.) Neat feeling to among 5 of 1000 to get selected. 


Job Description:

Currently posted in: L&T's Switchgear Design and Development Center's New Product Development department.

My work profile includes managing activities related to development of a "New product" (the products that are yet to be launched). These include Engineering feasibility analyses of manufacturability of designed parts, Tool design, Assembly Line designing and set up, ERP and MRP activities etc. 


Experience at Work:

Working environment in Ahmednagar is not as great as it is in L&T, Mumbai. The society is very conservative and the city sleeps by 10 PM. Although there is much more to learn here since none of the products of L&T EAIC are made in Mumbai. They're all manufactured and dealt with in Ahmednagar and Vadodara.

The blend of highly technical shop floor work as well as management activities makes it a good job profile for my liking. There are no flexible working hours. Glad I don't have to work shifts which some of us have to depending on the department. 


Advice to the juniors:

  • Fear not in asking questions to the interviewers.
  • Mugging RK Aggarwal's aptitude test questions won't make you good for the job. Keep your overall profile sound.
  • Remember that the companies need you more.

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