on 01 June, 2013

Software Engineer at Equal Experts India Pvt Ltd

Mrugen Deshmukh

Grad College Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune
Stream B.E. in Computer Engineering
Graduated in 2011
Grad Aggregate 58%
Standout Quality Certification in Java language



  • Jobs Applied for: Mu Sigma, A4 Technologies, Equal Experts India Pvt Ltd.
  • Jobs offered:  A4 Technologies, Equal Experts India Pvt Ltd.
  • Job accepted: Equal Experts India Pvt Ltd.
  • Pay Package: INR 450,000/year
  • Posted in: Pune
  • Nature of Recruitment: On-campus


Job Description:

I currently work as a Software Engineer at Equal Experts India Pvt Ltd.

  • The kind of work I am engaged ranges from analysis of requirements, estimation, planning and implementation of the software and ultimate delivery to the customers.
  • Software Engineering roles encompasses vast variety of duties ranging from engaging with clients to understand their requirements to actually leading and delivering software using a wide range of software tools and techniques, in a agreed timeframes.
  • Being part of a IT startup, the array of roles you need to play in a days time can be daunting and may require you to go beyond your comfort zone to get things done, but this is not a usual case, but you need to have a strong mindset to get things done and in a proper way, respecting the obligations you may have to serve under.
  • The best part of being a software engineer is a never ending learning opportunities thrown at you, be it a learning a new language/framework, or a particular style of working (Agile/Scrum etc.) and satisfaction you typically get after seeing your work being appreciated and your hardwork getting culminated into a really interesting and useful tool for your beloved users/customers.

Experience at Work:

  • The organization I work for has an open culture, yes we do not have those burdening hierarchies typical to larger IT/services organizations.
  • There are no cubicles and all the teams working on same project sit on the same table, which is fantastic when it comes to collaborating on the work.
  • Working hours are generally between 8-9 depending on the work load, but it always boils down to how you plan your day.
  • My employer encourages work-life balance, so not much emphasis on late working.
  • I have been fortunate to work with some really hands on but down to earth professionals, who are also equally fun.
  • My last two years of being with my current employer has been quite rewarding and fruitful.

Advice to the juniors:

  • Just be yourself.
  • Keep sincerity at whatever you do and revise your fundamentals those never die and are always helpful.
  • Try to get expertise and details of any language or tool of your liking.
  • Keep reading good tech books/magazines to keep yourself abreast of happenings in your professional area.
  • Find and attend tech talks at your local "Meetup" groups for example: This will help you to network and mingle with industry professionals in an informal setting, this can help you land an internships and your dream job.

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