Aniket Bhave
on 01 October, 2013

Boy Sues Engineering Workshop Teacher For Being Sexist

All was well in the professional paradise of Engineering, when a student at a popular suburban college approached the Supreme Court with a very not-so-shocking complaint. He has accused Babloo, a workshop teacher at his college, for discriminating on the basis of gender. The Supreme Court dismissed his plea stating he is a slave of his libido and that the law cannot control his hormonal roller coasters. The student had conducted a signature campaign in which over 5000 frustrated engineers owing to which the judges had to take the issue and study it.

A student says, “I once asked the assistant to help me with welding to which he turned a deaf ear. A girl shrieked ewwwww, and he pushed me with so much strength to get to her, that I fell out of the window. He ran towards her at a speed which will make Usain Bolt blush.” Another student told our reporter, “Well, once I was calling the teacher saying Aaaooo yaaar yahaaan pe. Doubt hai carpentry ka; he told me to STFU as the girl working on the corner desk was calling him. Turns out she was saying Awwww and not Aaoo. Apparently a puppy sticker on her new handbag made her all poignant”.

“In my college, a workshop teacher has a habit of completing the jobs at a measly rate of Rs. 10 when girls ask him to work but when a boy tries to outsource, rates vary from Rs. 500 to a jaw-dropping Rs. 5000. This is sheer injustice. Corruption in corruption was unheard of till now", quotes another Rebel Engineer.

We tried to get in touch with this corrupted teacher but he was told to have left the city. A student wrote a letter to the Prime Minister saying how workshop personnel neglected their doubts and treated them like crap. A workshop teacher was heard telling our rival reporter, “These boys do not respect us. Students write ‘Workshop Sir is Ch****a’ on walls and inside the attendance book. Girls treat us with honor and also do not call us bhaiyya.” There were about 25,000 such complaints accusing them of being blatantly sexist in approach.

Workshop teachers have taken to the streets to protest against the injustice done to them. Shiv Sena has already blackened the faces of about 50 teachers and are urging everyone to see ‘Balak Palak’ and pestering workshop staff all over the state to curb the sexism.


Disclaimer - This is a highly exaggerated post drenched in travesty. None of the above mentioned incidents have actually occurred. But yes, boys do experience such injustice on a regular basis. This post is not aimed at tarnishing the image of any university or a specific person but humorously pointing out the flaws in its system. If you still want to come behind me, I've already filed for a bail.

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