Aniket Bhave
on 11 February, 2013


I stood flabbergasted on the podium as the response was bewildering. More than a lakh people had gathered to witness the epic moment which was one of its kind. I was the maverick to be sworn in as the Youngest Chief Minister of my state. I was in high spirits-totally elated. The hierarchical rise to this kursi was indeed a tough one which always tested me at all levels. People touted me as an unconventional leader-maybe my long locks, light stubble, classy shades and a cigar collectively was an unexampled visage. Add to that a Metallica T-shirt and a fashionably ripped jeans. Maybe I was what the youth wished for-someone insurgent and someone who they could relate to.

The crowd just could not stay quiet and my name was being chanted like a sacrosanct deity. I, panoramically, gazed at the crowd and was not surprised to discover banners, posters, and effigies. I snickered a little to notice the ‘I Love You Rebel‘ posters flashed by a bunch of jovial girls. I do like attention and I reciprocated by waving at them and gesturing ‘\m/’. What I wanted to do for my nation was slowly becoming a reality. Laws were actually implemented thanks to the combined efforts of my team. I was glad I quit my computer job and instead actually helped people by contributing something towards the society. ‘We feel safe now’ was a poster which got me transfixed to. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on a persons face knowing the reason behind it is you. I was glad I spearheaded the efforts of imposing harsher laws with regards to crime against women. I had contrived a plan which actually translated to reality.

My Signature was now an Autograph. The first step of carving an image of respect was achieved probably. I was a God-like celeb to the masses. Right from wage-workers to businessmen to clerks to merchants to the metalheads to pretty ladies, people from all strata and ‘type’ of society revered me. I was their HOPE. Hope is probably the most unadulterated feeling to arise from pain. Pain shouts for Hope-shouts for a shoulder to rely on, a person to depend on. I was moved by this gesture. This was Love in its purest form.

Amongst the unrelenting crescendo, I was asked to address the humongous crowd who were rooting for me. The whole nation was stirred. It was a new beginning. I took the mike…..

*tringgggggg* the alarm clock went off and I got up with a frown and sulked at the thought of going to my classes for my technical exams. I was going to opt for higher studies and settle somewhere outside and had a plan of not returning back. I pondered over my dream and thought to myself. My thoughts of leaving the country with an ambiguous nation of it never improving are ludicrous. A feeling of jingoism gripped me. If I hate the things here, I need to work on them. If I can put a ray of hope in someone else’ life my purpose of survival is achieved.

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Aniket Bhave

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