Aniket Bhave
on 15 June, 2013

Educational Puberty

I avoid visiting my relatives because all they do is pull my cheeks and ask me questions about my future. I remember after 10th, when I was forced to travel to my relatives’ place all I was asked is ‘Now which college do you want to select? It is veryyyy important’. Their expression was weaved with seriousness and anxiety as if I was choosing a bride who I was to remain stuck for the rest of my tiny life. I never understood the hype over a junior college. What this piece was about is not how to study in FYJC or how to score marks, as a self proclaimed philosopher, I convey how to live, survive and blend in situations out of your comfort zone. Many people are shy and introverts face difficulties.

FYJC is like the puberty of the whole education phase. You are now mature enough to blah blah blah face hurdles and all that shit. Seriously saying, this is really a huge flipside. I am not scaring you, but you will get intimidated on your first day of college. See what I did there. Starting from new people, in school; you knew everybody. Here new faces, maybe a few pretty one, but NEW! The most important part that comes in handy is how you communicate and interact. It can be of great help in the future. However there are more problematic hurdles than your curriculum and coaching class selection for CET/CPT which is blending into the crowd. Fitting in with ease, pretending is not what many are good at. (Contact @AdvanceDexter for psychological counseling!)

Anyway people do all sort of shit right from forcefully “hooking up” to drinking to smoking to well few do fall prey to the drug nexus. And if do not follow the peer protocols, you are labeled as an outcaste. If you comfortable with all the mentioned “sins”, go for it! Your life! Your choices! Don’t say yes like a mere puppet. Take a stand for yourself. You don’t like something, DO NOT oblige.

A thoughtful outcaste is better than a puppeted moron. Remember people who judge you are nutcases because absolutely no one can judge you but yourself. Please take care when you force yourselves into such activities. Also remember the same people who will force you into booze and nicotine will not give the slightest furry rat’s ass if you land up in trouble. Choose your friends wisely. Don’t forget something called books. Cross the golden coveted 105 and in a pipelined fashion enjoy your little life!

Also remember people choose their Junior Colleges by factors like good crowd and a gel-able group to fool around with. I won’t ever use the word greenery again. Staff hardly matters. What matters is Hangouts. Hardly will you feel that this is a dreary phase. Actually it really does not matter what college you go into because in the end all you are going to do is chill out with new, well let’s call them friends, bunk lectures and have a jolly time. Don’t believe the fuss regarding “GOOD” and “BAD” college. There is nothing like good and bad. This is THE time where you have fun and learn what life is to an extent. You are NOW on your own. The protective cover of school is no longer over your head. Face the storm! Parents will be picky knowing how their child is and that he may get wasted due to the company of idiots. Learn the art of balancing your life. Make an effort not to disappoint your parents.

Try to work on yourself, your shortcomings, fortify your positive points. Dear girl, if you don’t awwww and muaaaaaaaah all the time, PLEASE DON’T! Let some humanity remain! Dear bro, just try not to be a poser! If you do not play the guitar or not a REAL photographer, please don’t pose with the respective items. Because that could be a turn-off for the new pretty faces you see. Stay in your freakin limits!

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