Aniket Bhave
on 18 March, 2013

Last Minute Studying

It's 2 in the night. The whole city is probably in their REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. There is one window where the light is still on. You witness a silhouette of a facepalm position. If you are ever on the streets and witness this very plausible scenario, it is the house of an Engineer and probably the screwed up dude/dudette is studying, wait.. LAST MINUTE STUDYING!

When a ‘to-be Engineer’ says ‘Yaar, maine kuch nahi padha’, he is judged before he knows it. He is being moronic to sound carelessly cool. The whole concept of last minute studying is true in a sense that your haywire preparations need a final, a very last minute glancing and YES, I agree without being dubious that whatever revision helps to score a decent percentage, last minute studying surely is indispensable with regards to that.

How awesome are the pre-exam days? Your exam is a week away. You are screwed like hell and then the jitters. The feeling of a chill running down your spine, the ghoulish nightmares of exams taking over your life and you're left with nothing but regret. Every bad phase is an experience which teaches you something or the other. And engineering is one hell of a life experience if not getting educated. I swear this course pretty much teaches you life if YOU DO IT ALL WRONG. Yes! I said it right. And nothing better than wasting the whole semester and struggling like a hound hog to gain information in the last few days before the final battle against the university. This last minute studying surely helps us tackle stress and know how to keep calm and work even when you are in a predicament.

Last minute revision is often supported by coffee for a few nocturnal folks while some take resort to the 'other' beverages to keep themselves going. So much to study, so less time. It’s an amazing phase where you actually know how you can tackle life when your a** is on fire. Even a great mind like Bill Gates advises to deal with a difficult situation, start studying late. It helps dodge anxiety.

If you may remember a witty piece written by me, had people classified as the nitpicking nerds and the happy go-lucky ‘jab jaroorat hai tab kaam karne wale’ careless duma**es like me. The second category reveres the sin SLOTH. The funny thing is even if you study from day one, end mein lagti hai. Even if you study at the end, lagti hai. So going by my cerebral profound analysis, why bother studying early? Also, the whimsical university checking does not necessarily ensure you will remain KT free. There is no guarantee, whether you study from the first day or the last, that you'll not see the 'F' in your scorecard. System hai naa! The most beautiful part in Mumbai University is study anytime, anywhere, anyhow, whatever and whichever subject - it is going to screw you. So keep calm and doze off! If it was a Faking News bulletin, the headline would be: 'Engineering student studies from day one. Gets KT!'

Sometimes glancing at Easy Solutions in the last minute does help, sometimes it does not deliver the desired performance. This struggle may or may not give the best of “marks” but yes it surely teaches you a lot. But seriously when the gamble pays off, and you see 40 on your marksheet, the feeling is inexplicable. A pithy advice - Go for this only if you are confident about your own potential otherwise play it safe. Start studying from day one. On the other hand if you love taking risks, you have an amazing platform to prove yourself what wonders you can do in a short time. Roll the dice of life and gamble! Peace Out.

PS: I thank the admin for his Faking News suggestion.

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