Mayank Sharma
on 13 March, 2013

Ring Of Life

The idea for this article came after one of my friend, who got 5 KTs, uttered, “I'm completely lost. My mind is out of order and I don't know what to do.” This article is solely dedicated to him.

In the movie 3 idiots, they said life is a race and if we don't run fast, somebody else will overtake us. I won't say that this life is a race but yes everybody is in hurry for some or other work. In an engineering student's language, we all are in hurry to complete assignments; we are in hurry to leave the college while bunking lectures and then during preparation leaves, the time when least preparation happens, we are in hurry to complete the whole syllabus as soon as possible. In all this hurry, we completely forget that we have a beautiful world waiting for us outside our college; the world that needs the original us.

There's a very good saying that says 'if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, the fish will lives its whole life thinking it was dumb'. I completely agree with this saying. Just allow that fish to swim in water and then see what miracles it'll show you. But life is not bed of roses. The fish that we've talked above, will have to face many failures in life. Talking about failures, not many of us are strong enough to face failure. Statistics even say that in India, after farmers, it is students who lead the suicide chartAccording to me, people commit suicide because killing oneself is easier than fighting the circumstances. 

Our life is just like a boxing ring and we are the boxers inside that ring. There are many people ready to cheer us but nobody can come inside the ring and help us. In middle of the ring, there are just two people; one is you and other is your problems. It is you alone who will have to defeat your problems before your problems defeat you. In that ring, your opponent has countless hands but you have just two. When it appears before you, don't be afraid. Look straight in its eyes, understand its weaknesses and the go for attack. Move, dodge, bounce but don't run away from the ring. It will first get hit you in the face which will hurt you badly. But don't worry. Just keep fighting. With the next hit, you will fall but the trick is to stand up and face it again because if you give up now then your opponent's every punch will fill your eyes with tears, his every jab will steal the smile from your lips. By the second last round, it'll force its way into your home and snatch away all happiness and by the last round, everything you love will be finished. It will be a total knock out and the winner will be your opponent.

When life punches you in the face and you find yourself hurt and flat on the floor, remind yourself that YOU are a champion. Slowly get up, brace yourself and then FIGHT ONE MORE ROUND! You will definitely be the winner. In life, you are not declared out when you fall down. You are declared out when you don't get up after falling.

Remember, you were once the quickest sperm and I'm sure that if you were a loser, God would have never given you this life.

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Mayank Sharma

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