Alok Sharma
on 26 August, 2013

Life Of e^x..

An attempt at a brief, personified tale of the life of the mathematical function e^x , starting with his childhood then his school and college life.

 “Hey e^x, have some integers.” yelled her mother, e^sin x.

“I am not hungry ma!” our hero shouted back.

“I am tired of taking integers day in day out.” he mumbled.

“We heard that” shrieked his mother.

“Then do something about it”

His mother came to his domain (room). 

“Listen baby, you’re still very young, your tiny little stomach may not handle complex functions at this age” she said, comforting him.

“Now come on, have some integers, then you can go play with your friends.”


Life wasn’t too kind to e^x. His mother fell in love with e^log x and married him. Her parents didn’t approve of the marriage and the couple had to live away. They adopted e^x, a fact which remained a hidden from him all his life.

When he joined school, it wasn’t fun either. As he realised, he was different from other functions. Differentiation was the school bully but his antics didn’t bother e^x one bit. At one point, e^x was reciprocated and someone equaled his x to 0. Any other functions would be terrified, but e^x changed to 1, went home and switched his clothes.

As he grew older, his behavior (properties) didn’t change much. He continued to live in the same domain he grew up in. Sometime later on, he befriended 0, who had come from India to continue higher studies in the US. They had a lot in common. Every other function freaked out in the presence of 0, who remained a virgin his whole life as other function believed they would be reduced to nothing if they bonded with him. e^x, too, didn’t get along with many as he was notorious in increasing the complexity of other simple functions. Maybe therefore he and 0 bonded so well together.

Not surprising that both of them were roommates in college. e^x was particularly troubled by Partial Differentiation in college but he was kept at bay by 0. In college, however, one major blow to his career came when he was placed last in ILATE - the order of precedence for the choice of first function in integration by parts.

They passed out with bright distinctions and parted ways after college but remained friends for the rest of their lives. 0 spread his business all over the globe where he combined with other whole numbers and integers to produce numbers of larger magnitudes.

As for e^x, he lived a lonely life in his own domain, unknowingly scaring the entire math student fraternity to death.

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Alok Sharma

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