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A collection of articles written by a group of enthusiastic writers aboard Stupidsid. Some funny, some serious, some pointless rants, and other some unanimous frustration against the system. Here's all of it. Enjoy..!!

Aniket Bhave
on 06 December, 2013

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Handwriting issues cause problems for Engineering Students

In an unusually usual turn of events, Saaf-Safai Singh, a student from a prominent Engineering College has taken the University of Mumbai to the Hon. Supreme Court of India. He proclaims the...

Siddhartha Tongaonkar
on 04 December, 2013

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Applied Sarcasmatics

NOTE: This article is only for the intellectually genius. And those who hate maths. Ram is real. Just as the air you breathe, or the sandwich you don’t make. Ram is asleep at the...

Mayank Sharma
on 27 November, 2013

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Regular studies Vs Last minute studies (LMS)

There is no need for me to give you'll an intro regarding what this article is all about. Title says it all! And I also think that this topic might have been an all-time favourite debating...

Rewa Phansalkar
on 27 November, 2013

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Just Another Examination Survival Guide

I know what you are thinking. It's almost December, and the examination season is looming closer, like a big, ugly, watchful bird of prey. After reading countless preparation tips in the...

Mayank Sharma
on 24 November, 2013

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Smartphones - Your Study Buddy!

We live in a digitised world where mobile has become a necessity and we cannot imagine our lives without it.  It's an alarm clock, contact diary, calculator, and our parents frustration...

Dhiren Navani
on 14 November, 2013

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Computer Engineer. Am I?

Recently, while I was in one of the pre-placement talks of a company, I thought am I actually "eligible" to sit here? Eligible, not in terms of aggregate percentage, but in terms of...

Aniket Bhave
on 02 November, 2013

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Typical Engineering Statements

Engineering is all about fun and frolic in 4 years. LOL JK! It’s sort of a society accepted sanyaas  from the sins and joys of life. You don’t have a social life due to which...

Sujit Kumar
on 25 October, 2013

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How To Bell The Verbal In CAT?

Getting into a B-School is no joke, especially, if you're looking to target the top tier schools in India. The gateway to the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other equally...

Utsav Jambusaria
on 05 October, 2013

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Pointless Projects

Once upon a time, in front of an overenthusiastic bunch of budding engineers at XYZ College of Engineering - Teacher: ...and this semester, we'll be having a very exciting...

Aniket Bhave
on 01 October, 2013

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Boy Sues Engineering Workshop Teacher For Being Sexist

All was well in the professional paradise of Engineering, when a student at a popular suburban college approached the Supreme Court with a very not-so-shocking complaint. He has accused Babloo,...